SUMITECH factory industrial electrical construction service

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5 January, 2021|Quản trị viên

Factory electrical construction always requires meticulous, scientific and technical expertise. Therefore, businesses need to find a reputable and professional construction company. And SUMITECH with more than 10 years of experience is the address to refer to.

1. SUMITECH’s factory electrical construction items

Factory electrical system plays an extremely important role because it directly affects the operation and production process of enterprises. To be able to build and install factory electricity efficiently and optimally, businesses need to survey, design and install each necessary item.

SUMITECH - Prestigious unit in the field of industrial electricity
SUMITECH – Prestigious unit in the field of industrial electricity

SUMITECH has a team of experienced technicians to meet the needs of mechanical and electrical construction of factories and all other electrical items of factories according to the requirements of customers.

1.1. Construction of the total power cable system

The total power cable system is the place to supply electricity for the whole factory. The main axis of the system comes from the back of the substation and is connected to the MCCB. Then, go into the MSB switchboard. The cable system can go underground in PVC pipes, zinc pipes, … or float and be placed on electric poles or supports.

The steps to construct the total power cable system for the factory include:

  • Choose the right conductor: select the cable suitable for the power consumption, the total capacity of the machines in the factory to ensure the safety of the whole system.
  • Mark the phase wires carefully: use multicolored tape to wrap the phase wire and fill in the symbol to avoid confusion.
  • Use drawstring to fix the cable: tie the cable to the cable tray ladder, to ensure that the cable is not scratched. tie the cable to the cable tray ladder, to ensure that the cable is not scratched.
  • Waterproofing of wires when buried in the ground: If the wires are going underground and placed in PVC pipes, the ends of the wires need to be glued carefully to prevent water.

1.2. Construction of cable tray ladder system

This is a bracket system to fix the electric cable shaft, which can be part or the whole cable system. The construction of this system helps to ensure safety and neatness and aesthetics for the factory’s electrical system.

Construction of electric cable tray ladder system in the factory
Construction of electric cable tray ladder system in the factory

The construction steps of the factory electrical cable tray system include:

  • Choose threaded tying for cable tray ladder: It is necessary to choose the right type of thread to fix the cable tray ladder system firmly and in line. And usually the type of lace with a height of <1.5m is reasonable.
  • Install the cable ladder according to the standards: the cable ladder leads directly to the factory electrical cabinet. And need to use hand grinders, cutters to cut corners, install elbows up, down, and horizontally to make them beautiful.
  • Pay attention to other factors: it is necessary to fix the cable ladder at both ends, the center point so that the cable ladder is tight, avoiding swinging. Connect more cable trays to avoid dangerous electric leakage cables while in use.

1.3. Construction of factory electrical cabinet system

The workshop electrical cabinet system includes the general electrical cabinet where the main cables of the electrical system are connected and the distribution cabinet for each area. Electrical cabinets need to be installed correctly, ensuring technical, safety and aesthetic factors.

Thi công tủ điều khiển cho hệ thống điện nhà xưởng
Factory control cabinets need to be designed according to technical standards

The construction process of the factory electrical cabinet system includes the following steps:

  • Arrange separate branch distribution electrical cabinets in each production area: this arrangement helps to turn on/off the power easily when something goes wrong and avoid affecting other areas.
  • Make a backup when the power grid is lost: design to install more generators and switchgear switchboards (ATS) so that when the power goes out, there is a plan to supply power to necessary areas in the factory, avoiding interruptions. long period of time.
  • Control cabinets need to be designed according to technical standards: this is a necessary and mandatory element. Because the operating capacity of the machinery and equipment in the factory is very large, the electrical cabinets need to meet the standards to ensure the safety of the entire electrical system.

1.4. Construction of light electrical system

The factory light electrical system includes lighting system, camera system, fire protection system, domestic electricity.

The construction steps of the factory light electrical system include:

  • Lighting system: this is a mandatory item because the lighting system helps the production process to take place continuously and smoothly. The level and intensity of lighting depends on the production characteristics of each industry.
  • Installation requirements: it is necessary to study and understand the characteristics and needs of use in each area of the factory to design and install a reasonable and economical lighting system.
  • Design lighting systems for industrial factories: select light intensity, color and equipment to suit each area.
  • Requirements for electrical equipment: The electrical equipment must limit glare and glare and bear good force, vibration and noise.

2. SUMITECH’s factory electrical construction service process

In order to provide efficient and guaranteed construction services for factory electrical systems, SUMITECH always correctly and sequentially follows the following process. Specifically:

Site survey, receive customer information: When receiving contact information from the customer about the need to install the factory electrical system. SUMITECH’s technical staff will come directly to the construction site to survey and measure in order to calculate and give appropriate and accurate designs. At the same time, always listen to the needs of customers, learn the characteristics of the industry to come up with the optimal solution.

Thi công hệ thống điện nhà xưởng cần phải cẩn thận
The electrical construction of the factory needs to be careful, according to the design drawings and ensure safety

Conduct a design drawing of the factory’s electrical system: After a thorough survey and calculation, the technician will make a complete design drawing. Drawings need to be in accordance with the requirements of the customer, ensuring safety when applied in practice and efficiency and savings.

After completing the design drawing, the construction unit will send it back to the customer for approval, if necessary changes will be adjusted accordingly. When the enterprise closes according to the drawing, the construction unit carries out the project.

Carrying out the construction of the factory’s electrical system: The construction unit relies on the design drawings that the two sides have closed to carry out the construction. All small items in the system need to be done correctly, carefully and safely.

Completion, acceptance and inspection: This is the last step but also plays a very important role. When the electrical installation of the factory is completed, it is necessary to run a test of the system to ensure it is correct according to the calculated capacity, efficiency, safety,… Then, if the system is stable and guaranteed, then the application will be simple. The construction contractor will hand over to the factory and perform warranty and periodical maintenance.

3. Advantages of using factory electrical installation service at SUMITECH

When choosing SUMITECH as a factory electrical construction unit, customers are completely assured because we are always committed to providing the most perfect services thanks to inherent advantages such as:

  • A team of professional engineers, rich in experience in the electrical field, ensures the design and installation of efficient and safe electrical projects.
  • Experience in implementing many projects is also a great advantage, so that SUMITECH is more and more “firm in hand” in industrial electricity projects in general and factory electricity in particular.
  • Investing in modern equipment, meeting the requirements of procedures, supervising the actual installation helps SUMITECH complete the construction system quickly, ensuring the progress and quality as required.

4. Quotation for factory electrical construction services

The quotation for construction of the factory’s electrical system depends on each item to be constructed, the characteristics of the industry and the number of machines and equipment. Therefore, each system will have a different price. However, when choosing SUMITECH, customers are completely assured because we are always committed to the most reasonable price on the market. At the same time, there are also attractive discounts and incentives from time to time.

For advice and detailed quotation, please visit the website and fill in the information in the request form or press the button to receive a quote.

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Currently, SUMITECH is receiving construction of electrical systems for factories in Hanoi, Hung Yen, Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh, … and many other neighboring provinces. For more information about factory electrical construction services, customers can contact us via:

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