3 Criteria for assessing the quality of mechanical processing

28 December, 2020|Quản trị viên

Using quality mechanical processing products not only helps improve production efficiency but also saves long-term costs for businesses. So how to judge the quality of this type of product? Here are 3 criteria to evaluate the quality of mechanical processing as well as how to choose a reputable processing unit for businesses.

1. Criteria to evaluate the quality of processed products

To evaluate the quality of mechanically processed products comprehensively, it is necessary to consider many different standards. Here are the most important standards in assessing the quality of processing that businesses should apply:

1.1. Evaluate the accuracy of the processed product

Đánh giá chất lượng kích thước của sản phẩm sau gia công
Dimensions of the finished product after processing must be exactly as the drawing, ensuring the smallest error

Since the majority of mechanically processed products are machine parts, accuracy is considered one of the most important factors when evaluating machining quality. This standard is considered on the following aspects:

  • The processed product must be the right size, high accuracy, and negligible tolerance. The product created meets the requirements, reducing repair or replacement costs.
  • The shape of the processed product is in accordance with the drawings and processing requirements: round, cylindrical, flat, conical, …
  • Correlation position of standard processed products as required such as: perpendicular, concentric, parallel,
  • The joints of the parts need to be “standard” to match when actually assembled.

1.2. Evaluation of the surface of the processed product

Bề mặt sau gia công ít khiếm khuyết nhất có thể
The surface after machining has as few defects as possible

The surface of the mechanically processed product is an important criterion to evaluate the quality of the part after machining. And evaluated through the following aspects:

  • Roughness of the machined surface: After machining most of the parts look shiny but in reality are not ideally flat and still have undulations. It is the microgeometric error of the machined product. Two criteria used to evaluate roughness are: mean deviation (Ra) and undulating height (Rz).
  • Surface wave: An error caused by the machining method and the motion law of the cutting operation. The lower the surface wave, the better the machining quality of the product is evaluated.
  • Workpiece surface texture: It is the shape and orientation of the cut grain on the surface of the workpiece. It depends on the machining method to shape the surface and the law of the cutting motion.
  • Surface defects: These are defects on the surface of the processed product such as: pores, scratches, cracks, trachoma. When assessing the quality of machining, attention should be paid to these defects because they appear randomly in the products.

1.3. Evaluate the aesthetics of processed products

Evaluating the quality of mechanical processing, it is impossible to ignore the aesthetic criterion of the product. The processed products must ensure the color and aesthetic value according to the requirements of the customer. This criterion is especially important for externally processed parts such as machine shells, household appliances,…

Sản phẩm gia công cơ khí cần đảm bảo cả về tính thẩm mỹ
Mechanically processed products need to ensure both aesthetics

For example, for machine parts made from steel, it is required to have a shiny, smooth surface, with the metallic color of steel, not the yellow color of copper or gray of aluminum.

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2. How to choose a mechanical processing unit that meets the requirements?

Evaluating the quality of processing is very important, but it is only the last step when the enterprise has the finished product in hand. Therefore, in order to control the quality of processed products from the very beginning of production, enterprises should choose reputable mechanical processing units. Here are 4 simple ways to help businesses quickly choose a reputable unit to cooperate in mechanical processing.

2.1. System of machines, technology and processing lines

The processing unit is fully equipped with a variety of machines such as lathes, cutting machines, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, … will meet all requirements for mechanical processing. At the same time, with advanced and diversified technology and lines, it will improve the accuracy and aesthetic value of the product, thereby bringing the most perfect processing quality assessment results.

2.2.Diverse processing methods, mechanical processing materials for customers

One of the criteria to evaluate whether a machining unit is quality or not is the variety of machining methods and materials they use.

If a processing unit has a variety of methods such as: precision mechanical processing turning, milling, planing, grinding, precision mechanical processing of molds, mechanical processing of punching, mechanical processing of jig jigs. , … then they will be able to fully meet the needs of customers.

Sự đa dạng về phương pháp gia công là một yếu tố đánh giá đơn vị gia công cơ khí
The variety of machining methods is a factor in evaluating mechanical processing units

Moreover, if this unit can perform processing on many types of materials such as iron, steel, inox, wood, plastic, … then this is one of the processing addresses that deserves to be selected. .

2.3. Team of workers, engineers specialized in mechanical processing

In addition to machinery and equipment, human resources are also an important factor when assessing the quality of a mechanical processing unit. A unit with a team of highly qualified workers and engineers, many years of experience in mechanical processing will be the address that customers should choose.

2.4. Time to complete mechanical processing and product delivery

PRESTIGE in business is always appreciated in any field. And the time to complete mechanical processing as well as product delivery is an important factor that determines the PRESTIGE of each business. The outsourcing unit with on-time completion time and quick product delivery will be a prestigious address that customers should prioritize cooperation.

Đơn vị gia công uy tín sẽ giao hàng đúng thời hạn cam kết với khách hàng
Reputable processing units will deliver goods on time as committed to customers

And if the mechanical processing unit fully meets the above requirements, it deserves to be evaluated as a reputable and quality processing address for all businesses in need.

3. SUMITECH – The leading precision mechanical processing unit on demand

Possessing all the above criteria, SUMITECH is always proud to be a precision mechanical processing unit on demand with the leading reputation today. SUMITECH is committed to providing precision machined products according to drawings with the right roughness, tolerances according to customer requirements and high aesthetics. Ensuring the results of the customer’s processing quality assessment with SUMITECH products always achieve the highest results.

SUMITECH thương hiệu gia công cơ khí uy tín
SUMITECH is committed to providing customers with the best quality mechanical processing services

SUMITECH’s mechanical processing service currently possesses many outstanding advantages that are highly appreciated by customers in terms of quality because of its advantages such as:

  • Owning a system of modern mechanical processing machines and high-tech lines.
  • Provide a variety of mechanical processing services to meet the requirements of customers.
  • SUMITECH owns a team of experienced and highly specialized mechanical processing with the help of machines to bring the best quality products to customers.
  • Moreover, SUMITECH is always ready to serve a variety of customers, in many different industries, in many locations such as: Hanoi, Ha Nam, Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen,…
  • With professional process, SUMITECH science will process quickly, on schedule and deliver to customers.

Hopefully with the above article, customers have had more useful information to choose a quality mechanical processing address. Pay attention to these 3 criteria to evaluate the quality of mechanical processing and do not ignore SUMITECH – a great partner for all customers who have needs for mechanical processing.

SUMITECH is always ready to consult 24/7 through the following channels:

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